Shrimp tacos are one of our favorite go-to dishes when dining in. In this version by Erin Murray, the mango salsa adds just the right amount of flair and flavor for those warmer months ahead.


Dice and chop all ingredients and combine in large bowl.

  • (1) mango
  • (3) tomatoes
  • (1/2) red onion
  • (2) garlic cloves
  • (1) bunch cilantro
  • (1) jalapeno
  • (2) limes juiced
  • salt and pepper to taste


Sauté shrimp marinated in taco seasoning, lime juice, and avocado oil.


Heat Siete tortillas for 15 secs on each side

Plate tacos with shredded cabbage and chopped avocado and extra lime / cilantro.

Erin Murray is a nutritionist, coach, and research assistant. Her passion for science and whole foods directs much of her work, where she focuses on transforming biochemistry into delicious meal ideas, actionable steps, and sustainable new lifestyles for her clients.

She teaches courses around New England and online, where she also coaches clients from around the world. Her deep belief in the connections between person, land, and food guides her own lifestyle – which is why you will find Erin in the kitchen, her garden, or with her chickens if she’s not in the lab.

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