From water bottles to paper waste, we try to SLASH OUT WASTE whenever we can. While we have made MANY steps towards becoming a more eco-conscious community, we also recognize how much room there is to grow and improve both in-studio and out-of-studio.

There are SO many companies and organizations that inspire us with their green initiatives – Below are just a few of our team’s favorite environmentally-friendly companies!



Blueland is committed to reducing plastic use world-wide. When Sarah Paiji, CEO and Co-Founder, learned that the plastic she used on a daily basis contributed to the contamination of water and food-supply, she knew she wanted to do her part and make a positive change. As a new mom, her goal was to create a company that could be apart of the SOLUTION, not the problem, and help create a healthier, safer, and more sustainable environment for her child.

Quickly, she realized the need for household cleaning products that were both effective and eco-friendly. Thus, Blueland was born with the mission to, “make it easy to be eco-friendly with innovative products in reusable packaging that are convenient, effective, and affordable.”


You may recognize this local Cape Cod company from the our fall pop-ups at CAPE HOUSE! Cape Fifteen was co-founded by two Cape locals and childhood friends, Shane and Kyle. Looking for a way to represent their hometown in a new and different way than the classic “Cape Style” clothing brands, Shane and Kyle created Cape Fifteen. It all started with some sketches of their logo “XV” and their first batch of apparel and the rest is history!

Cape Fifteen is centered around sustainability and their mission to give back to the towns on Cape where these two young entrepreneurs grew up. Part of their business efforts include their “Clean the Fifteen” campaign which is a community effort to help minimize waste on Cape Cod’s beaches. These sustainability-led efforts are entirely supported and funded by ALL Cape Fifteen inspired clothing and accessories.


charity: water is a non-profit organization on a mission to end the water crisis, with the help of generous supporters and experienced local organizations who build sustainable, community-owned water projects around the world.

charity: water works with local experts and community members to find the best sustainable clean-water solutions in the locations in which they work. In addition, with every water point discovered and funded, charity: water establishes a local Water Committee to keep the water clean and available for the long-haul. This incredible company believes that “when a community gets access to clean water, it can change just about everything” and they do everything they can to make that happen.


With the highest quality, natural ingredients and affordable prices, CLN & DRTY is a fan favorite for riders and instructors alike! As stated on the website, owner, Paula Hoss believes that “everything we do, we do for community.” These clean (CLN) products improve everything from a blemish to acne-prone skin. Be sure to snag the reusable organic facial rounds to make your natural skin care routine even more eco friendly! Say goodbye to the season of Mask-ne (mask + acne) with their clarifying face masks and blemish roller.

Team Favorites:
The New Romantic: Exfoliating Rose Cleansing Stick
Rose Water Facial Mist
Be Clear Toner


This clean and sustainable beauty line offers natural products for every skin type. As a company, they strive to reduce their carbon footprint and have creatively incorporated their sustainability statistics on their packaging.

Cocokind is committed to making sustainable and natural products and creating a brand based on honesty, inclusivity, and authenticity — something we admire and respect SO much. Cocokind’s Impact Foundation provides financial grants to female entrepreneurs in health, wellness, and sustainability industries who are focused on creating social impact through business. We cannot get more on board with this mission!

Team Favorites:
Resurfacing Sleep Mask
Mymatcha All-Over Moisture Stick
Chlorophyll Mask


Co-founders Kimberly and Megan, started Everybody Water with the mission to “help people gain access to their most basic need: clean water.” Everybody Water offers an alternative to plastic water bottles and works to build the infrastructure to provide clean, running water to communities, that otherwise would not have it. Through their business efforts and clean water campaigns they have seen first-hand the immense impact of clean water projects on communities.

We are so proud to provide Everybody Water at all of our studios, not only in an effort to reduce our plastic consumption and SLASH OUT WASTE, but to support the greater mission behind the company.


You may recognize the local, WOC-owned company from WAREHOUSE + CAPE HOUSE pop-ups in February! What initially started as a passion project became a full-time career, as Steysy (the owner) now makes all of her luxurious scented candles directly at her home studio. The best part? They are all made from non-toxic and environmentally-friendly ingredients, emphasizing the use of plant-based and organic herbs.

Team Favorites:
Cocoa Butter Cashmere
Iris and Ginger Blossom
Vanilla Cashmere


As showcased brightly on their walls, Life Alive’s “Higher Purpose (is) to energize the vitality of all living things and our planets.” With five locations in the Boston area, Life Alive reduces waste through eco friendly containers, silverware, and glass jugs.

From brightly colored elixirs and veggie-dense juices, to Acai bowls, and hearty plates, this vegetarian cafe promotes a plant based lifestyle that is healthy for the soul and world. Perfect for a post class refuel!

Team Favorites:
Green Goddess Bowl
PB Cup Acai
Matcha Latte


The Little Market is a non-profit fair trade shop featuring ethically sourced, artisan-made products. The Little Market works closely with artisan groups and social enterprises around the globe to source ethical, sustainable gifts, accessories, and home décor.

The Little Market prides themselves on sharing both the person AND the stories behind each product sold in the space. They seek to empower artisans around the world by extending their product distribution and supporting sustainable income opportunities. A key mission of their business is to “maintain the dignity of artisans by celebrating their cultural techniques and traditions; while also bringing attention to social justice and human rights issues faced by their communities.” One of the coolest parts? Every single piece you see when shopping is entirely one of a kind!


Boston’s FIRST zero-waste shop offers products to fill every room in your house. Uvida is WOC-owned and boasts a beautiful selection of vegan, cruelty-free, sustainable products. With their collection of bathroom products, lip balms, and even kitchen brushes, UVIDA is paving the way for conscious living.

You can shop both in-person and online, as Uvida provides plastic-free shipping on all orders, BUT we highly recommend visiting this gem in the North End to soak in all of the beautiful in-store plants and aesthetic appeal.

Team Favorites:
Organic Cotton Nut Milk Bag – perfect for homemade almond or cashew milk!
Silicone Food Storage Bags – environmentally friendly and easily transportable for us on the go!

As with everything, education is KEY. At B/SPOKE, we are committed to learning more about how we can continue to evolve and improve our sustainability efforts, while supporting companies with environmentally-focused missions

Have an idea for how we can improve in this area? Email us at ! We are truly ALL EARS on how we can SLASH OUT WASTE.

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