For a lot of us vacation mode means the opposite of a healthy lifestyle. Between the endless amounts of good food, drinks and beachside lounging it’s easy to push off that hotel gym session you said you’d do. If you’re looking for a quick life escape (read: work escape) that will keep you happy and healthy then look no further than these top rated health and wellness retreats.

Perks to going on a retreat? Global exploration paired with some healthy mind and body exercises to keep you in top form. With destinations ranging from Morocco, the South of France, Bali, Cuba, and all over the United States there are plenty of options for the adventurous soul. The focus on each retreat ranges from digital detoxes to circuit training to flow classes with famous Yogis. We’ve listed out some of our favorite health and wellness retreats below (B/SPOKE Cape House retreat anyone?).

Yoga for Bad People – Just as the name suggests this retreat isn’t solely about practicing your sun salutations. Created by the combined visions of Katelin Sisson and Heather Lilleston YFBP is held in locations around the world that lend themselves to quiet time, but also endless amounts of physical activities and bumping nightlife. Might we suggest a quick escape to Havana, Cuba in December?

December 10th-16th 2017 – from $3,350+

Fees include: 6 nights accommodation, all meals, daily yoga and meditation, programmed activities and speakers.  

The Class by Taryn Toomey – The woman who developed a cult following on both coasts through her unique cardio/yoga workout is now leading getaways called The Retreatment. This fall two of Toomey’s teachers Kevin and Jaycee are taking a small group to a secluded property just south of Whistler for four days of morning meditation, afternoon long sessions of The Class, excursions and farm to table meals.

October 18th-22nd 2017 – from $1900+

Fees include – 4 nights accommodation, program meals, daily yoga and The Class, and excursions.

Folk Rebellion Digital Detox – A small collective of people encouraging the return of living in real life by offering digital detoxes, it can’t get much better. Their code is “an appreciation and instruction manual for living in the present with actual things among flesh, blood, and bones people.” Need a complete escape from the real world? Join this gang as they head to Sonoma Valley, CA for a weekend free of all things digital.

October 5th-8th 2017 – from $1,570+

Fees include – 3 nights accommodations, meals, yoga, workshops, alcohol, journal, and fitness classes.

Have a favorite wellness retreat? Comment below and let us know what we should be booking next!

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