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Instructor Spotlight: Lindsay

This month we are highlighting Lindsay (a.k.a. BOOCH) in our ‘Instructor Spotlight’ series. A former college athlete, Lindsay knows exactly how to make each R/DE feel…

Keep Moving: The Importance of Pre-Race Eating

If you really think about it running is an amazing sport. You move your arms and legs in the same motion (for the most part)…

Farmer’s Markets in Boston and Beyond

There’s so much we love about summer. The fresh air, soaking up sun on the beach and the Cape House. Fresh food locally-sourced from the market’s…

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Cycle For Water: Team Q&A

With our largest cycling and fundraising event this weekend, we connected with our instructors to hear their thoughts on the event, and their inspiration for…

The Exercise-Age Connection

Sweat might be able to slow the aging process. Step out of class and you’re hot, sweaty, and exhausted - but also feeling stronger, healthier,…

Life Lessons That We Learn at B/SPOKE

Written by Jonah H. Beukman Why do we come to B/SPOKE? Maybe it’s to hear some great music or to be a part of a…

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Ask a Dietitian: Do I Need a Daily Supplement?

By now you know there are hundreds (thousands? More?) of supplements out there online and on the shelves of every place from GNC to Whole…

The Benefits of Salt

The new spa experience written by G2O Spa Director, Christine Haddad, and Assistant Spa Director, Patty Sweeney. Why are spa treatments essential for healthy living?…

Juicing 101

Laura Baldini, owner of Boston's premier juice bar Mother Juice, shares a behind-the-scenes look at a "true" cold pressed juice, and her advice for first time…

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The Scene


This Mother’s Day, we wanted to recognize just a few of the MANY stand-out Moms in our B/SPOKE community. We feel fortunate that every day…
The Scene

Taking on the Boston Marathon

With the 123rd Boston Marathon just days away, we sat down with some of our teammates who are taking on the challenge - some of…
The Scene

Cycle For Water

Last Fall, several members of the B/SPOKE team had the good fortune to catch keynote speaker Scott Harrison (Founder of charity: water) at Boston's INBOUND…

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The Beat

Boston Calling 2018: What We’re Most Excited For

There’s no better way to kick off the summer season than to spend a weekend seeing our favorite artists live at Boston Calling. We take…
The Beat

Q&A with DJ Sprino

Tell us a bit about yourself and your journey to becoming DJ Sprino When I first started out, a good friend of mine was the…
The Beat

Live Music Makes You Happier + The B/SPOKE Concert Calendar

We’re big advocates of live music. You’re already heard from us about our festival must-haves and how to hunt for music like an instructor, so…

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Instructor Spotlight: Talia

This month we are highlighting Talia in our ‘Instructor Spotlight’ series. A marketing strategist by day, Talia’s life-long fitness journey has led her to blasting Hip…

Instructor Spotlight: Ann

This month we are highlighting Ann in our ‘Instructor Spotlight’ series. Ann perfectly embodies the idea of a triple threat: R/DE Instructor, Mother, and Team Head for…

Instructor Spotlight: Aly

This month we are highlighting Aly in our ‘Instructor Spotlight’ series.  As our Senior Lead Instructor and Director of Talent, Aly is responsible for recruiting,…

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From February 23 - March 2, 2019, B/SPOKE will take fitness to an international level with an OUT OF STUDIO all-inclusive retreat in Guatemala. This…

It’s Not Too Late for a Beach Day

One of the luxuries of living in New England is being surrounded by seemingly endless beaches and coastlines. Even better, you can cover a wide…

Travel Tips I’ve Learned from Experience

Author: By Alice Klochkova Alice Klochkova, B/SPOKE’s newest instructor, grew up in Moscow, Russia where she grew up where she was competitive golfer for the…

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