We are still R/DING THE HIGH of our first Outdoor R/DES in the city, which “re-launched” on TUES, AUG 11 – a huge thank you to our community for showing up BIG!  

Located at the 100 SUMMER STREET COURTYARD in the heart of Financial District in Downtown Boston, we have launched an OUTDOOR R/DE experience within close proximity to our Federal Street Studio, complete with 30 bikes, “stadium style seating” & a Silent Disco Experience. Sign-ups go LIVE every Sunday at 5PM for the week ahead (Tuesday-Monday), and there are MANY classes to choose from – including early morning & evenings every week day! The best part? These OUTDOOR R/DES showcase our Signature R/DE class that you know & love – a full-body workout composed of intense cardio and core work, set to an amazing playlist, and packed into a 40-minute session that will start or end your day in the most ideal of ways. Click HERE to get a taste of the magic!


All R/DE classes are Silent Disco….and we are THRILLED. A Silent Disco is typically an event / gathering / class where music is streamed and listened to via headphones rather than live speakers. In our case, both music and microphone will be broadcast via a transmitter directly to HEADPHONES worn by Clients! We are excited to share this high-quality, fun and memorable audio experience with our community. Not only do we have flexibility in class times, our Clients have enhanced music quality, complete volume control throughout class, and are truly enveloped in bass bumping beats…MUSIC TO OUR EARS. Click HERE to see Silent Disco in action!


Clients should BYOWater, Sweat Towel, Spin Shoes & Wired Headphones / Earbuds to class!

  • SPIN SHOES: Please BRING YOUR OWN SPIN SHOES (if you have them!). That said, we DO have a limited supply of shoes available for rent on a FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE basis ($7). All bikes are compatible with SPD-clips only.
  • WIRED HEADPHONES: Please BRING YOUR OWN SET OF WIRED HEADPHONES or EARBUDS (if you have them!). Every Client will have their own belt-clip receiver (provided by B/SPOKE at check-in). This receiver ONLY WORKS with wired headphones or earbuds (READ: NO bluetooth or AirPods. Sorry!). WIRED headphones or earbuds must be 3.5mm (AUX) compatible. WIRED Apple AirPods with a lightning connection will NOT work. Fear not – we DO have a limited supply of headphones available to rent ($5) & to purchase ($30). 


We have a variety of BOSTON OUTDOOR R/DE class credits & packages available for purchase including a Single Drop-In, 5-Class Pack, 10-Class Pack, 20-Class Pack, Student + Teacher Packs, a Medical Professional Drop-In, a Fitness Professional Drop-In and a Military + Veteran Drop-In. Click HERE for specific pricing.

All classes can be booked on the B/SPOKE website or app. Click HERE to view the live schedule.


A topic on all of our minds! In an effort to keep our Clients and our Staff Members on the ground as SAFE and comfortable as possible, we wanted to send along a few key reminders to minimize contact and risk:

  • Please wear “MASKS UP” UNTIL THE START OF CLASS OR WHEN TOLD BY THE INSTRUCTOR TO COLLECTIVELY REMOVE MASKS (even once clipped in!). This action ensures that masks are only removed once everyone in class is seated (and no longer moving around).
  • Please wear “MASKS UP” DIRECTLY AFTER COMPLETION OF CLASS. This includes while unclipping from the bike, putting receivers away, and departing from the “outdoor studio.”
  • Please maintain at least 6 feet of social distancing at all times – before, during and after classes. Please be mindful when taking any photos and videos with fellow Clients or Staff Members as these SAME guidelines still apply (MASKS UP + 6 FEET OF DISTANCE) – safety first!

Click HERE to check out our detailed FAQ about OUTDOOR CLASSES. Everything you need to know (& more!) to be READY TO R/DE (in a safe & compliant manner).  

We hope to see you soon! Questions? Please contact HELLO. We’d love to hear from you.


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