Community is at the core of what we do. As a small business ourselves, we are always striving to support local businesses, empower entrepreneurs, and drive creativity in the community around us. In recent weeks, you may have noticed phrases like “support small businesses,” “shop local,” “buy small,” pop-up more frequently on social media, in the news, and exclaimed by friends and family. It’s no secret that small businesses around the world are taking a hit, but they’re also stepping up and showing up during this challenging time when we need our community the most. Read on to learn about our favorite local businesses and what you can do to support their current efforts.


What’s a weekend on the Cape without a R/DE at Cape House followed by a smoothie at Rory’s? This family-owned, female-run small business is a Cape Cod staple, fueling the community with local produce, nutritious smoothies & meals, and seriously good vibes. Not only does Rory’s keep things fresh in the kitchen, but they’re also determined to bring fresh food to those who need it most through their “Good for Good” program. For every pound of produce sold in weight, Rory’s will donate a pound of produce to a family in need. That is something we can definitely get behind! During this uncertain time, Rory’s is currently hosting an “Early Bird / Low Immunity” shopping hour from 8AM-9AM daily as well as offering curb-side pick-up at both locations and delivery within a 10-mile radius. From groceries, to veggie chili, to avocado toast, you can now enjoy Rory’s anytime, anywhere and support your local community in staying fueled with nutritious & delicious foods.

For more information, visit their website HERE and their Instagram: @iloverorys.


Cape Cod Coffee (CCC) does not mess around when it comes to coffee, breakfast & brunch (& neither do we!). From selecting the beans, to roasting in-house, to serving the best daily brew & friendly service, this coffee shop and go-to breakfast spot is not one to be missed in the Commons! CCC also fuels our #RideOrDie community every Saturday & Sunday with fresh brews in-house, kicking off your weekend with a little extra fire. During this time, Cape Cod Coffee will be offering take-out and curb-side pick-up from 7AM-2PM.

For more information, visit their website HERE and their Instagram: @capecodcoffee.


It’s not a real #SaturdayInTheBurbs without a trip to Cocobeet post R/DE or TRAIN X. This local, plant-based juice bar is on a mission to prove that “Plant Packed Living” is one of great power through providing pre-made, pure-food meals with the highest nutritional quality. Our teams’ favorites? The avocado toast, the chia pudding, or a classic acai bowl (with extra granola)! Be sure to check-out their epic grab & go fridge, which is always stocked with juices, smoothies, chia puddings, salads, and more! Cocobeet will be open 10AM-5PM & is offering curb-side pick-up or delivery.

For more information, visit their website HERE and their Instagram: @purecocobeet.


If you’ve taken class in Wellesley on the weekend, you’ve likely enjoyed a fresh banana or apple straight from J.W. Lopes pre- or post-class. This family-owned, run, and fourth generation business supplies fresh produce to customers straight from farm-to-table. In recent weeks, J.W. Lopes has completed a swift pivot to now offer home delivery direct to consumer. You can now enjoy restaurant-quality produce in your own kitchen, including fresh squeezed OJ (our teams’ favorite!), celery, fresh ginger, cage-free eggs, cheese, non-perishables – rice, pasta, and more! A part of all proceeds will go to the Restaurant Strong Fund to support those from the Massachusetts restaurant industry that have been directly impacted during this time.

For more information, visit their website HERE and their Instagram: @jw_lopes.


If you’ve taken our new LAB WERK: STRETCH class, you probably know that we are serious about recovery and its benefits. BDY SQD is one of our go-to ways to recover and reset post R/DE or TRAIN. Whether it’s an assisted stretch, a moment in the infrared sauna session, or a session in the Normatec boot, try them out & you’ll understand why. While BDY SQD may have temporarily closed its doors, you can still reset with them (and many other members of the Boston fitness community) through their daily Instagram Live classes featuring instructors and mentors from all around.

For more information, visit their website HERE and their Instagram: @bdysqd.


Whole food, plant-based, complete wellness. Revolution Health Kitchen is a one-stop-shop in Back Bay where you can get a nutritious, plant-based meal AND a personalized meal-plan. Committed to teaching the community the value of the “Whole Food Plant Based Diet” (WFPBD), Revolution Health Kitchen has a variety of options from smoothies, to sandwiches, to full-day meal prep & wellness plans. If you get a chance to stop by in person, you might even run into our very own, Trey who is also the Operations Manager there! The Revolution Health Kitchen is open for take-out & delivery.

As the world faces these unprecedented challenges, it’s more important than ever to lean into our community and lift one another up. These small businesses (& SO many more out there!) are doing their part to provide some sense of normalcy in these turbulent times. Let’s continue to show up, support one another and grow stronger TOGETHER.

For more information, visit their website HERE and their Instagram: @revolutionhealthkitchen.

Do you have any favorite local small businesses that are doing amazing work right now?

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