Outside of big beats, sweaty R/DES, and a relentless desire to change the way people sweat, B/SPOKE also has community outreach and charitable endeavors engrained in our DNA. From coordinating monthly R/DE For Impact classes to supporting organizations near & dear to our heart, hosting Charity R/DES for our Clients & their fundraising efforts, to our epic CYCLE FOR WATER event last year (raising almost $70K), giving back to our communities near & far is part of who we are.

As the coronavirus (COVID-19) has become more prevalent and our team and community have taken to social distancing, streaming and recording classes online have become top priority. We feel strongly about connecting with our Clients & giving the community a fun, efficient, and high-energy way to sweat at home. In return, we are encouraging our Clients to make Venmo donations in any amount (every bit helps!), which will support our team during this time AND go directly to seven different charities we are deeply passionate about.

All of these charities / organizations / funds / institutions are groups we wholeheartedly support, respect and admire as they contribute to the overall health, wellbeing, and nourishment of our community as a whole. These organizations represent a level of care & recovery for individuals who are in dire need. Read on to learn more about the charities we are currently supporting through Venmo donations & gift card sales: 

The Greater Boston Food Bank has a goal to end hunger across Eastern Massachusetts by providing our neighbors in need with the healthy food and resources they need to thrive. Unfortunately, one in 11 people in the greater Boston area does not know where their next meal will come from. In addition to providing meals, the GBFB is also working to provide the community with proper nutritional education and resources.  

The Global Giving Coronavirus Relief Fund is run by the Global Giving platform, one of the largest crowdfunding organizations in the world that is connecting non-profits and communities everywhere. Specifically aimed at the most vulnerable communities, this relief fund is absolutely vital, given the extremely fluid nature of the virus. This Relief Fund is helping to send doctors, nurses, and first responders to critical areas affected by COVID-19, and getting medical masks and ventilators to the right places.

No Kid Hungry speaks to us on so many levels. Since the coronavirus (COVID-19) started, all public schools in Massachusetts have closed, leaving thousands of kids without the structure of school-provided lunches, with over 168 million meals being missed in our public school system. With a simple shared belief that no kid in America should go hungry, this charity ensures that our kids won’t have to worry about their meals when schools remain closed for the foreseeable future. 

Dana-Farber Cancer Institute is a world leader in adult and pediatric cancer treatment and research. Unfortunately, most of us have family, loved ones, friends or know someone who has battled cancer or who is fighting it currently—millions of people are being affected each year. Being one of the biggest organizations that our Clients run in support of during the Boston Marathon (one of our favorite days of the year!), we are honored & humbled to support the work of Dana Farber.

St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital specializes in treating and researching cancer-related illnesses in children and other life threatening illnesses. The most incredible part of St. Jude’s is that no family ever receives a bill from them for treatment, housing or food. Their sole focus is ensuring that the family only has to worry about what matters most—helping their child survive. 

Rosie’s Place is the first all-women’s homeless shelter in the country and is based right here in Boston. In 2019, they served over 100,000 nutritional meals and allowed over 2,000 women per month to take home food. They not only provide meals for women, but also give them opportunities to take educational classes & to learn new skills.  Serving newly homeless women, women that have been homeless for years, and women simply having a tough time to make ends meet, Rosie’s Place is near and dear to our team. 

Gosnold is a mental health disorder and substance abuse prevention center based on Cape Cod. Gosnold participates in the prevention of substance abuse in the community, school-based services, inpatient detoxification, and outpatient programs. We have a direct connection to Gosnold, as some of our teammates, Clients, and Ambassadors are directly linked to the organization. It’s no secret that the Cape means a lot to us, so it’s only fitting that we give back to this extremely vital program.

These times are incredibly uncertain & fluid. We will continue doing everything in our power to not miss a beat, and to give all of our Clients an outlet to de-stress, move, sweat & connect. We are grateful that we can continue giving back to charities / organizations that are also navigating the impact of COVID-19, and we appreciate your support in allowing us to do so. Again, 10% of ALL gift card sales and general donations will be going to these incredibly important causes!


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