The Exercise-Age Connection

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Sweat might be able to slow the aging process.

Step out of class and you’re hot, sweaty, and exhausted – but also feeling stronger, healthier, and all-around better. It’s what keeps you coming back day after day, right? Well, there’s another boon to your daily sweat sessions. Not only does exercise strengthen your muscles and mind, but it might also lengthen your life. Here’s exactly how fitness serves as an anti-aging agent — and a few ways to tweak your routine for the biggest benefits (no night serum required).

Cycle and lift weights to keep your cells young.

As we age, our muscle cells wear out and naturally generate less energy — hence, why it’s not as easy to see tone as the years go on. Good news? A cycling class-strength training combo could boost cell energy, seemingly halting this kind of cell deterioration. Seriously! Research says so. Time to saddle up.

Run to add years to your life. 

Whether you’re a marathon runner, occasional jogger, or pro sprinter, lace up your sneaks: Running could slash your risk of dying early by nearly 40 percent. It gets better: For every hour of running you do, you could lengthen your life by another seven (a great reminder next time you feel like skipping your sweat sesh). What’s going on inside your bod? Running ups your heart health and protects against key threats like high blood pressure and poor body composition.

There’s a limit though. While you can’t ultramarathon your way to immortality, regular exercise could — all-in-all — add about three years to your life (which we’ll gladly take!).

Stick with your workouts to stay sharp. 

It’s not just you — your brain does benefit from exercise. In fact, a regular workout routine keeps your mind sharp as you age. Being super fit in middle age decreased risk of dementia by about 90 percent, one study found. Exercise ups blood flow to the brain and stimulates the growth of new nerve cells key for memory. Keep your mind guessing by changing up your routine. (Train X, anyone?)

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