This month we are highlighting Aly in our ‘Instructor Spotlight’ series.  As our Senior Lead Instructor and Director of Talent, Aly is responsible for recruiting, training, and managing all of our instructors. Catch ANY of her classes at ANY studio Nov 26 – Dec 2 with a special $15 drop-in credit available directly on our website HERE.


What is your role at B/SPOKE?

I am the senior lead instructor and director of talent at B/SPOKE. Aside from helping manage the schedules for three studios, I am responsible for the hiring, training and development of our instructor team. I also work closely with the rest of the management and leadership teams to help create and implement B/SPOKE’s bigger picture vision. On top of that, I teach 10 to 13 classes per week!


How did you wind up in Boston?

I was born and raised in Newport Beach, CA. My parent’s philosophy was that I do well in school and participate in sports. Academics and athletics shaped my childhood and high school years. I came to Boston to attend Boston University and fell in love with the city’s history, intellect, and perfect, walkable size.

Aly Raymer

What’s the best part of your job?

I get to see all sides of the story. I am an instructor, a leader, a manager, a trainer, a scheduler, an entrepreneur, a recruiter, and a peer. I feel as though I’m able to lead from a place of empathy and teach from a place of emotional investment.


And the worst part?

The many different hats can take their toll. Sometimes, when I’m juggling too many tasks involving too many people and different parts of my job role, I find myself burning the candle at both ends more often than I’d like.


Self-care is trending right now. What are your thoughts?

Recovery is hugely important to me. I have a ‘body budget’ that I use to get massages, Physical Therapy, acupuncture, and—of course—manicures and pedicures. I take at least one or two hot epsom salt baths a week and foam roll four times a week. I journal most nights, too. I need rituals to help keep me grounded.


Favorite move on the bike?

Lean side to side in a fast jog- gotta get those shoulders moving!


Do you ever go off script in class?

My classes are never scripted, but there is always a plan. I truly teach from my heart and allow my emotions to come through. So yes, I will go with the flow if something strikes me or I get really inspired by a class.


What is the biggest misconception about fitness instructors?

That we love to work out all of the time. I am a fitness instructor because I love to inspire, lead, and create energy with a group of people, not necessarily because I am a workout fiend.


What’s the first thing you do when you wake up?

Waking up is actually my least favorite thing in the world in all honesty, the FIRST thought that goes through my head is “When can I squeeze a nap in today…” I also drink a huge glass of water to start my body and my day. Then I am usually ready to go!


What is the best piece of advice you have ever been given?

A college professor said to me once, “Choose a career based on what you want to wear to work every day.” It sounds silly, but it was what helped me realize I was not cut out for corporate America. To this day, I have never held a 9 to 5 desk job and have loved all of my jobs through and through.


How often do you wear leggings?

I wear anywhere from 2-4 pairs of leggings a day depending on how much I am working out or teaching! IF I am not sweating, I do my very best to wear normal clothes. My good friend is a stylist and her driving force is reminding women that leggings are not pants.  She had to literally reteach me how to put outfits together, so now I make a conscious effort to “dress up” for anything outside of work.


What does the future of fitness look like?

I see fitness as the new church, where people come for community, support, and love and find the human connection they crave.

What’s the one thing about you that surprises people?

People would be surprised that I am quite shy off the bike. I love to be in front of a crowd and pump the energy up, but when it comes to smaller social settings I get very nervous!


If you could go anywhere on a plane tomorrow, where would it be?

I would love to explore Madagascar, though it is notorious for being extremely difficult to get to.  I would definitely seize the opportunity to get there without having to plan it myself!


Have you ever had any serious injuries?

I had a herniated disc in my lower back which totally threw me off my game for years. Several different physical therapists helped heal my injury for good with manual therapy (myofascial release)!


Most used emoji?

Definitely the drool face.


How has music impacted your classes?

Music has always been a part of my life. I grew up singing and taking piano lessons. I’ve been going to concerts since middle school (NSYNC!) and I’m always on the lookout for the next show. My favorite venue in Boston is The Sinclair!

Most played song on your Spotify?

Innerbloom – Rufus Du Sol


Never have I ever…

Purchased an animal…#adoptdontshop.


What is your go-to drink besides water?



What’s your best quality?

I am an extremely loyal friend and do my best to maintain the relationships that matter to me most, even those that live far away. It takes extra effort to stay connected and I think I am doing a pretty good job at keeping in touch!


Who inspires you?

My peers, I am surrounded by the most badass women in the city and have some of the coolest friends who are all up to very big stuff.  They inspire me to push myself physically, take risks in my career, and try new things.


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