Tell us a bit about yourself and your journey to becoming DJ Sprino

When I first started out, a good friend of mine was the resident DJ at a club in Worcester.  He allowed me to do a half hour set at his show. The feeling I got from hearing a crowd cheer for me had me hooked. Soon I was DJing on the weekends while working full time. After eventually getting laid off for traditional corporate reasons I decided to pursue a career as a DJ. In the beginning I could only land gigs on the weekends which really wasn’t enough to piece together a full time salary. So I got creative in finding gigs. I did as many events as I could find (birthday parties, graduations, cookouts, whatever).  I eventually opened the door to the fitness world and now I get to do what I love everyday of the week.

Did you always want to be a DJ?

I have been a fan of Hip Hop culture for as long as I can remember and the DJ part always stuck out the most to me. I remember watching the movie Beat Street and immediately wanting to be a DJ. After getting my first set of turntables, I bought a few records and practiced OVER and OVER. Years later….I’m still addicted.

Favorite type of music to mix or sample?

I love all types of music.  Mixing genres together is what I like to do the most, but 90’s hip hop will always be my favorite.

Describe the Spotify playlist (see below) you have created for us.

This playlist is a small taste of what I like to listen to on my own time.  It’s some of my favorite hip hop tracks, some newer songs and some classics. It’s the music I listen to when I’m driving or when hanging out. I’ll probably need to make part 2 soon cause I listen to so many different types of music depending on my mood.

Where do you find your new music?

My ears are always open and music is everywhere! I’m in a couple record pools, which are always interesting. And I have a bunch of music websites that I check out on a regular basis for new tracks and remixes. I also discover a lot of new music on Spotify.

Who are some new musicians that you’d say to keep an eye on?

Emily Warren, Marian Hill, Snakehips and Luke Christopher.  I also think the Chainsmokers album is gonna be bananas.

Fitness and music has always gone hand in hand, now more than ever. What do you think the future of fitness and music (live or otherwise) looks like?

It looks like this…

You carved out a unique place for yourself in the Boston fitness community, can you tell us a little about how you got where you are?

I’m so happy to be a part of the Boston fitness community. Through this I’ve met and worked with so many amazing, and motivating people. I began with DJing 5k races and in-stores events at Lululemon. Seeing how much music and fitness went together, I knew there was more potential to connect with studios like B/SPOKE which respect and appreciate that relationship.  Now, thanks to all the support I get from the Boston fitness community, I’m DJing almost every type of fitness class out there.

What is your favorite fitness class to DJ for? Are some easier/harder than others?

I’m constantly asked what my favorite gig is, but I love them all.  Seriously – I love my job! I like that fitness classes are all different and every instructor has a unique vibe, style and taste in music. Spin and yoga are the two that I need to spend the most time preparing for. I design sets specifically for each ride. I work with the instructors ahead of time to know more about the vibe and progression of energy they want to create.  And then I make my own edits on the fly because there are so many tempo changes. I especially love DJing spin classes at B/SPOKE because of the awesome people, killer sound system, and intense energy in the room!

Catch Sprino regularly at the studio in any of our LIVE DJ series classes or just throwing down killer tracks in the common area random nights of the week.   You can also catch him at next week’s Yoga Around Town: DEEP FLOW event with our very own Aly Raymer leading an all-levels Vinyasa class set to vibey Deep House music.

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