Marissa works in residential real estate insurance by day and squeezes in anything + everything fitness in between – including teaching R/DE on our Team!

Hailing from Old Lyme, CT, this Boston transplant is always on the MOVE — a 6 time marathoner, hiker, skier, and R/DE Instructor. A self-professed lover of EARLY mornings, Marissa jam packs her days with helping others buy their dream homes, working out, cooking, crafting, reading, taking endless photos of her pup Mav, and hanging out with her fiancee.

To learn more about Marissa, follow her on Instagram @marissarross and Spotify to jam out to her favorite songs!

Buying a house can be a very overwhelming and challenging time, BUT Marissa is here to support and share her knowledge! Having been in the business for years, Marissa knows the home buying process like the back of her hand and is here to share her TOP TIPS to home buying.


  1. Find a loan officer ASAP: It is NEVER too early to have a conversation with a loan officer — even if you aren’t sure home buying is for you or if you aren’t ready immediately. Your loan officer will walk you through your finances and show you what you can afford. You’ll understand where you need to be to purchase your home.
  2. Find a solid home buying team: Your loan officer, realtor, real estate attorney, and insurance agent will support you from the time your offer is accepted to closing day. 
  3. Take a homebuyers class: Whether you are BRAND new, purchasing a second home or investment property, or upgrading your current home, these classes are a great way to learn from the professionals. They’re designed to set you up for a successful purchase, and are happening virtually, weekly. Feel free to email Marissa HERE for class recommendations. 
  4. Explore down payment assistance options for 1st-time homebuyers: There are many programs that offer support and make home buying affordable. Each city and town may have different programs and different eligibility requirements. More information can be found HERE
  5. Be patient: The current market is HOT. There are limited homes for sale, which can make this process challenging and competitive. Be open to expanding your search to other towns, or perhaps putting a little love into a home that needs some work. Trust that the right property will become your new home. 

Check out Marissa’s ON DEMAND classes HERE!

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