Erin is a STRENGTH INSTRUCTOR, R/DE INSTRUCTOR, ACCOUNTABILITY COACH, PERSONAL TRAINER, and member of our Diversity, Equity, Inclusion + Belonging Committee.

Erin is currently a full-time grad student working on a PhD program at Boston University in Sociology, specifically studying race, ethnicity, and immigration. Outside of working towards her PhD, Erin is a lifelong soccer player (World Cup season is her *favorite* season!), teaches Barre, is a heavy weight lifter, supports immigrant women and children, and always makes time to explore new places. Fun fact — Erin is a dual American-German citizen.

To learn more about Erin, follow her on Instagram @emayrfreeman

In this article, Erin will highlight (in her own words!) what she is currently reading, listening to and following with a special focus on POC authors, creators and musicians who inspire her.


The Wedding Date by Jasmine Guillory

This is a fantastic book NOT ONLY for its great writing and storyline. It’s also a novel by a Black woman that is written to highlight Black girls and women protagonists. So often, stories about Black people, and girls and women specifically, are about pain. They are about slavery, suffering, discrimination, hardship, racism. True, it’s often that they are overcoming these challenges in these stories, triumphing in the end. But pain shouldn’t characterize the Black experience in the media.

This book is about love, laughter, friendship, flirtation, drama, shenanigans. These are normal life experiences that are often reserved for white people in books, movies, tv, etc. Ms. Guillory provides a story where Black girls and women can see themselves and non-Black people can read about the lives of Black people that aren’t centered around suffering. I *highly* recommend to all. And this is only the first book in a great series!


Who’s Got Your Love by Cheat Codes + Don’t Leave Me by Blackstreet

I’ve been serenading Nate (my husband) all week as he’s been working from home. These songs are SO good. Check out Erin’s Spotify playlist for more of her favorites!


The Guilty Feminist hosted by Deborah Frances-White

Drop everything and listen to this podcast. “This is The Guilty Feminist, the podcast in which we explore our noble goals as 21st century feminists and the hypocrisies and insecurities that undermine them.” This is the tagline for the podcast led by Deborah Frances-White who brings together comedians to talk about topics such as “the body,” “female friendships,” “belonging,” and “seeing and being seen.”

They talk about their struggles in living up to their feminist ideals in these different situations. It’s hard to do! Life gets in the way. We’re surrounded by messages that reinforce gender roles and expectations. But they’re comedians, so they joke and laugh the whole time even as they’re being serious and it’s truly a laugh out loud funny podcast.



@soyouwantotalkabout touches on so many different political and social issues and break them down in easy to understand ways.

@sheenamelwani is just such a fun person to follow – She’s a singer/songwriter, YouTuber, mom, and wife. Her husband also has many cameos on her account, as he pretends to be a “typical Indian dad” and interrupts things she’s doing and it’s so funny. They’re such a great pair!


Pose and Queen of the South on Netflix

Pose is about ball culture in the 80’s where queer POC in NYC came together to have a safe space to celebrate their identity and to be free without fear. It touches on heavy topics of racism, homophobia, and transphobia. But it is incredibly heartwarming and empowering and Billy Porter is a national treasure. 
Queen of the South is about a Mexican woman whose family was killed by the cartel, so she took over and built her own empire. It’s based on the book La Reina del Sur and is all about strong female characters, love, loyalty, betrayal, friendship, and survival.


Personal Training

Having a program custom made for me is the most effective way to work out. Plus I love picking up heavy things because I love feeling STRONG! My favorite exercise is the trap bar deadlift and I am slowly making my way towards unassisted pull ups!

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