In early December, Governor Baker shared new rules mandating that EVERYONE must wear a well-fitted mask anytime OUTSIDE OF THE HOME including before, DURING, and after all group exercise classes – regardless of spacing or dividers.

As of SUN, DEC 13, we fully adopted this new guideline and now REQUIRE MASK WEARING DURING ANY INDOOR CLASS with B/SPOKE.

Fear not! You CAN do this, and we are excited to share some of our TOP recommendations for masks during exercise and physical activity that are truly #GAMECHANGERS (+ have been tried & true by our Instructors and Front Desk Team!):

  1. PRO MASK by HAPPY MASKS: Structured & spacious, lightweight, adjustable, 99.9% filtration 
  2. DUST MASK by FIGHTECH: Helps healthy breathing, improved design, universal usage, comfortable
  3. NETZ MASK by KORAL: Anti-microbial fabric, tight-knit UV protection, breathable, fast drying
  4. FACE COVER by ADIDAS: Soft, breathable fabric, tight fit for coverage, two layers of fabric, flexible material
  5. AIRISM MASK by UNIQLO: High-performance filter, 3-tier structure, moisture wicking, UV-blocking
  6. SILICONE MASK BRACKET from AMAZON: These are a GAME CHANGER and one of our TOP TIPS to working out in a mask. These reusable mask brackets keep your mask off of your face, making it easy to breathe even during the fastest sprint! Plus — they are easy to clean and come in a pack of three for under $10.

Due to the recent surge of cases linked to Thanksgiving, coupled with colder temperatures and the upcoming stretch of holidays, we are more than willing to adapt and support this new measure to help minimize the chance of ANY spread inside our studio walls. We are simply grateful to have an opportunity to R/DE ON, and to take every possible measure to ensure that we are consistently creating a SAFE door-to-door experience – EVERY class, EVERY client, EVERY day. Please know that our consistent adherence to protocol, including mandatory mask wearing, will only HELP in protecting our Clients and minimizing any chance of spreading or contracting COVID-19.

We know that mask wearing DURING class will come as a change and adjustment to us all (including Instructors who will teach #MASKSUP), but FEAR NOT – we have no doubt that our Community will RISE to the occasion, just as we all have this entire year! 

Thank you for your continued support, and definitely let us know what you think about these recommendations. Any questions about this change? Other mask recommendations? We’d love to hear from you. Please contact our Team at

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