After a SUMMER like no other with both OUTDOOR + INDOOR classes underway at our CAPE HOUSE location, OUTDOOR R/DE classes at the 100 Summer Street Courtyard and our TRAIN X and YOGA series at The Greenway, Dewey Square Plaza & The Rooftop, come fall, we knew it was time to bring a more immersive, full B/SPOKE experience back to the city. BUT, with B/SPOKE’s original downtown Boston location, riding safely and adhering to proper social distancing protocol during the age of COVID just wasn’t an option at our original Studio. In true B/SPOKE fashion, we made a MASTER pivot, and thus, WAREHOUSE was born.

On the weekend of November 7 – 8, we opened the floodgates to our newest B/SPOKE pop-up studio on 64 C Street. Located in the heart of South Boston, WAREHOUSE is now a not so secret. At 22,000 square feet, WAREHOUSE was undeniably designed to operate under COVID conditions and guidelines, allowing both staff to conduct and lead classes safely, and clients to participate in workouts with protocol in place to minimize risk every step of the way. Did we mention that this new space has AMPLE free parking, and is only minutes away from the Red Line’s BROADWAY stop?

Within WAREHOUSE itself, you’ll find approximately 12,000 square feet of studio specific space, in which we hold all of our class offerings, including R/DE, TRAIN X and YOGA, with emphasis on all things STRENGTH + RECOVERY. A B/SPOKE experience like no other, WAREHOUSE is our imagination on fire – bursting with art, color, light and our favorite part— all of YOU.

One of the most UNIQUE parts of WAREHOUSE (other than the whole space itself, of course), is the featured displays of artwork. We were beyond thrilled to host an incredibly talented group of local artists who dedicated their time to TRANSFORM WAREHOUSE into not just a space for fitness, but a space to inspire creativity, innovation and wellbeing; a space created to improve life. The opening of WAREHOUSE allowed us to truly seize the opportunity to amplify and magnify the artwork of many artists of color, as well as bring inclusivity into our four walls, literally and figuratively. We only hope to continue these initiatives as time goes on and within future developments of WAREHOUSE. We would like to extend a MASSIVE thank you to @curtistic @brandalizm @rastagrandpa @merkaveli_ @rixyfz @reillyinks @raodee_rekloos @_n_dukes @veronicamarie__ for their one of a kind work, skill and passion. 


When we say that WAREHOUSE was designed for COVID, we weren’t kidding. The safety of our clients, staff and instructors is our number one priority, and we have truly pulled out ALL. THE. STOPS. to ensure both a safe and effective workout for all those involved. This new space features a completely updated HVAC System, meaning that all “SUPPLY AIR” is fresh from the outside, with NO recycled air. Additionally, WAREHOUSE features EPA-registered products & electrostatic sprayers for top-notch cleaning, touch-less sanitizer stations, a ONE-BY-ONE check-in experience with three mandatory steps, and #MASKSUP at all times (except for during the actual class, if you so choose). 

Social Distancing will be enforced and is made possible throughout WAREHOUSE at all times, boasting a CIRCULAR FLOW to the space, meaning no individual enters the same space more than once.


At our core, B/SPOKE has never been JUST about getting in a sweat. As you may have heard us say time and time again, we were created to IMPROVE LIFE, from a 360 degree perspective. With the launch of WAREHOUSE, we have an amazing opportunity to host additional events, partnerships, collaborations and opportunities within this unique space to bring new collaboration, community and perspective to the Boston wellness scene. Of course, we also plan to continue to host various fundraising events and charitable classes, within this new space, that make B/SPOKE so much more than just a fitness studio, but truly a supportive network and community.

While we’d like to say this article and accompanying photos can give you a great snapshot of what the WAREHOUSE experience is like, we’d love to invite you to come SWEAT with us IN-PERSON, browse the newest B/SPOKE gear or snap a (socially distant!) photo with your favorite instructors. 

SOUTHIE – thank you for the warm welcome.



Click HERE to read WAREHOUSE FAQ. 


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All photography by GIANNA BALASCO of IN CREATIVE CO.

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