Many of us are used to keeping up with busy schedules jam-packed with activities that make each day feel like a new adventure. However, in these trying times, staying at home can feel extremely isolating. Even though social distancing requires that we steer clear of public social gatherings, there are still many ways to stay in touch while staying six feet apart! 


Everyone has a community—likely more than one—that they belong to. Take a moment and think about the different communities you are a part of; if you’re reading this and wondering “what is a community? How do I know if I have one?” – you’re not alone. Communities come in all shapes and sizes and can include your hobbies and interests. For many of us, the first communities that come to mind are family and friends. However, you are likely embedded in other communities without even realizing it. A few of these communities may include where you work, go to school, the sport you play or your favorite fitness studio where you like to SWEAT it out in R/DE, TRAIN X, or LAB WERK. Communities can even include your neighborhood, town, state, or country.

Once you identify the communities you feel most connected to, take a moment and look into what each community is doing now. More likely than not, your communities are moving online to stay connected with you. Many of your favorite local shops and restaurants offer delivery and take-out, your schools have transitioned to online campuses, and your state and local leadership teams continue to update websites to keep you informed. 

If you feel like there isn’t anything being done in one of your communities, this is a great opportunity to be a leader and take action! Maybe you reach out to your friends to schedule a group FaceTime, Zoom, or Webex call (virtual brunch anyone?!), or maybe you hit up one of B/SPOKE’s Vimeo classes and sweat with all of your favorite instructors. When you take the time to find groups that resonate, you’ll not only rediscover the support system you had before social distancing, but you’ll continue to cultivate meaningful relationships in the process. 


What are your goals? Hobbies? Is there a new skill that you can learn, an old interest to rediscover? Take this time to reconnect with yourself and ask, “what are the actions I can take to accomplish something to be proud of?” Maybe you’ve been chasing a fitness goal, trying to clean out your closet, or wanting to master a new recipe. Once you have a list, see how you can break-up your aspirations into actionable items. Otherwise – thinking about the project in its entirety can feel daunting! Instead of thinking about how challenging and time-consuming the project will be, think about how satisfying & productive it will feel to complete, especially when tackling a small piece of the project each day. Not only is this approach more productive, but the feeling of accomplishment & completion is all the more meaningful when we’ve created time & capacity to tackle the goal. 


It is hard to imagine what life was like just a few weeks ago, and all of our daily routines have been disrupted by social distancing practices. Some of the things that you did before are probably not possible given the current state of affairs. However, as you find your people and reconnect with yourself, your interests, goals and passions will undoubtedly manifest in new ways. If you are someone who likes having a schedule and sticking to a routine, you can work on building your communities, hobbies, and goals into your new routine. 

None of these suggestions have a deadline or benchmark to adhere to. With so many changes happening every day, it can feel like we are living in a world of perpetual uncertainty. Finding consistency in the things we can control, like our daily routines, can empower us to find opportunities for personal growth. 

If you are feeling isolated, alone, or (dare we say) bored during this time of social distancing, know that you aren’t alone. Understand that no matter how many classes you have taken, how often you come to the studio, or where in the world you may be right now – you will always be able to find love and support from the B/SPOKE community. Fortunately, there continues to be ways to connect and stay in touch even when we can’t physically be in the same space. Find your people, reconnect with yourself, rebuild your routine, and take your time during this transition. We look forward to sweating, moving & connecting with you on Instagram & Vimeo, and can’t wait to be back in the studio with everyone in due time.

Be kind to yourself, stay strong & #CHOOSETOSWEAT.

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