With our largest cycling and fundraising event this weekend, we connected with our instructors to hear their thoughts on the event, and their inspiration for getting involved. The majority of our staff has chosen to participate on a team, and it’s been incredible to see everyone connect on a cause as important as the global water crisis. Please consider donating to our campaign HERE. Read on to get their take on the cause, the organization, and what’s to come at our CYCLE FOR WATER event!


What statistic or fact about the water crisis did you find most interesting?

  • CARLY: I was shocked at how many people have to worry about drinking clean water, I don’t even think about where I get the water I drink everyday. Learning about the water crisis made me open my eyes and realize how lucky we all are to have access to clean water at our fingertips.
  • ALY: I find that the impact of dirty water goes beyond the physical health of a community. Without clean water, people are unable to have an education, unable to work to support their family, and therefore unable to break the cycle of poverty. With access to clean water, children and women can finally live more fulfilling lives and help their community grow and prosper!
  • ASHLEY: Every morning when I wake up, the first thing I do is turn on the sink to brush my teeth. It’s habit. I don’t even think about it (in fact I’m usually half asleep while doing it!). To think that I do this, when there are 663 MILLION people who walk 4 hours a day to get water, made me feel sick to my stomach with guilt – not to mention, incredibly naive. I had no idea. If I forget my water bottle at home, I can easily buy a fancy bottle of clean, safe B/SPOKE water, or fill a glass from our water faucet. Meanwhile, diseases from dirty water kill more people every year than all forms of violence, including war. 43% of those deaths are children under five years. I knew I had to be a part of this cause the moment I learned more about it. This is a crisis — and a solvable one at that.

What about charity: water’s origin story or business model do you find most inspiring?

  • KARA: The fact that 100% of donations of our fundraising efforts will go DIRECTLY into the charity and not towards paying employees, paying for events, rent, etc. – is super inspiring. Even credit card transactions fees are reimbursed! A business that is built on this model not only requires a great deal of logistical planning but a whole lot of selflessness, and that is something I admire. For those who are unaware, charity: water pays their employees entirely from private donors.
  • CARLY: Their origin story is really fascinating. Scott Harrison went from one of Manhattan’s most successful nightclub promotors, to the founder of charity: water. His unbeatable drive to achieve the primary goal of giving clean water to everyone in need is truly inspiring.

What about the CYCLE FOR WATER event are you most excited about?

  • MOOCH: Everything!! I love seeing our community come together for a cause bigger than us.
  • KARA: To co-teach with my teammates for hours! Nothing gets me more amped up than collaborating as a squad and having fun on the bikes with our community.
  • CARLY: I am most excited about bringing all these teams together to complete a challenge that we all are working so hard for! I am so excited to be one of the instructors teaching it, and extremely excited to have the entire community come together for this.
  • ALY: I am most excited to have over 100 people participate in our studio. The energy of these types of events will linger for months beyond the actual day and the memories will last a lifetime!
  • ASHLEY: The reason I fell in love with riding, and ultimately decided to become an instructor was because I became addicted to that FEELING I got inside every time I took class. There’s nothing in the world that makes me feel better than sweating on a bike and moving my body to some sick beats. Now, if you can feel that on a random Wednesday at 5:45am in the morning, can you IMAGINE the energy we are going to create for a cause SO MUCH BIGGER than ourselves? It’s going to be moving. It’s going to be epic. I can’t wait.

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