The new spa experience written by G2O Spa Director, Christine Haddad, and Assistant Spa Director, Patty Sweeney.

Why are spa treatments essential for healthy living?

Spa treatments help us destress, which essentially opens up a healthier place for us to exist. Stress can be a major contributor to serious illness or disease so when we destress, we allow the body to repair naturally. There is now scientific evidence highlighting deep connections between mind and body so when you relax your mind, your body chills out too!

Can you explain how going to the spa can be an added advantage for athletes?

Spas can provide the special attention that overworked muscles need. From a warming, detoxifying steam or sauna to a therapeutic deep tissue massage, highly-trained licensed professionals practicing their trade help the body heal and the mind to rejuvenate.

What are the benefits of salt therapy?

The benefits of salt therapy are numerous. Salt is detoxifying and purifying in many different forms and applications. Our Himalayan Salt Stone massages use smooth Himalayan salt stones which contain 84 (!) essential nutrients and minerals beneficial to the body. Lost nutrients are replenished while heat warms and relaxes the muscles.

What services do you offer with salt?

We are the only Boston spa with a salt cave offering our Salt Cave Halotherapy service. Breathing salt air has proven highly beneficial for the respiratory system, or for those with sinus issues or allergies. The salt air cleanses and detoxifies the respiratory system. Additionally, clients feel an induced deep relaxation and an improved overall sense of well-being.

We also offer Flotation Therapy for relaxation, destressing and relaxing the muscles. This service decompresses the spine, allowing the nervous system to relax. This treatment is highly effective for sore, tired muscles, and relief for an overstressed nervous system. Our flotation pod contains 900 lbs. of salt so you can float your stress, tension and troubles away!

Himalayan Salt Stone Massage integrates massage, heat therapy and salt therapy all into one service! The warm, pure salt stones applied to the body nourish and replenish the skin and encourage gentle detoxification. Additionally, this salt stone massage helps to increase circulation, reduce inflammation, improve sleep and restore depleted minerals to the skin. Our exclusive service gently soothes away stress and tension leaving you feeling refreshed and relaxed, promoting overall wellness.

What is the ideal spa day?

The traditional / typical spa day includes massage, facial, pedicure, and manicure. The “new” spa day at G2O includes massage, salt cave Halotherapy, HydraFacial, pedicure and manicure.

What do you think the next health & wellness trend will be?

I would imagine one of the next trends to be related to sleep. It has been well reported, and there is evidence that supports, that the lack of a proper night’s sleep is a contributing factor of chronic illness and disease. Additionally, I think that alternative therapies, such as craniosacral therapy, will become considered more “mainstream”; and certainly, cannabidiol (CBD) for treating skin and pain, would be added to this list as well.

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