What has your life journey been like thus far? How did you end up at B/SPOKE?
I’ve had a bit of an eclectic journey to get to where I am today, but I wouldn’t trade a minute of it! I grew up just north of Boston, went to school at Umass, and have lived in the city ever since. I’ve dabbled in everything from retail and waitressing to personal training and education! I’m essentially an elementary physical education teacher turned full-time fitness instructor, personal trainer, podcast host, and aspiring nutritional therapist / health coach. So, I guess you could say I’ve done – and am doing – a LOT!

What is a day in the life?
I teach anywhere from 2-4 classes at B/SPOKE, train clients, work on podcast outreach / record an episode, EAT, nap, take other classes, and walk my dog. REPEAT.

What would be the first thing you tell someone to encourage them to get motivated?
Find a friend to go with you to a new workout class. It will keep you accountable and curb some of the anxiety of doing something new by yourself. Physically writing your goals down helps too! (I keep mine on a chalkboard hanging next to the door of my room).

Could you explain how important it is to tackle the grind by yourself?
It’s important to know what your goals are, what motivates you, what you can handle…. on your OWN. It’s TOTALLY OK to ask for help or delegate to others once you know what you can and can’t do. Self-awareness is huge and, in the end, it will make you more successful by knowing your capacity for work, and also being able to accomplish things on your own.

What is the significance of social media in your life?
It allows me to share my personal brand and podcast, stay connected with my community and, honestly, it opens doors to have REAL conversations with lots of people I might not otherwise get to connect with in life. I like to say it makes your barrier to access a little easier. This is obviously good and bad in different ways but it’s definitely a tool I use for myself and my business that has a lot of benefits.

Tell us about Coming in Hot!
Coming in Hot is a weekly podcast aimed at giving you the tools to mentally, physically, and emotionally arrive at your best life. Coming in Hot highlights people who are not afraid to ruffle a few feathers. Dedicated to the movers and shakers of the world, we interview anyone and everyone who is making waves — from fitness professionals to philanthropists, CEO’s and doctors, to yogis and beyond. Through real AF conversations we hope to inspire people to live a life that lights them up and sets their soul on fire.

Who are you chatting with next?
A professional athlete who is the highest ranked American EVER in her sport. #nbd

Where can we find you?
Come visit me in REAL life at all of our studios, 6 days a week. I like that best. Also @karalennon on Instagram and www.karalennon.com.

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