This week we catch up with Victoria.  Previously one of the most popular Barre instructors in the city, she’s now a Lead Instructor at B/SPOKE while launching her own company and is still known for her love of good music and one of the most iconic cackles in the city (if you can make her laugh).


Tell us about your career and how you ended up at B/SPOKE?

My fitness career started with teaching Barre at Exhale. I was trained there and fell in love with teaching and fitness. As much as I like Barre, I knew if I wanted to make fitness my career I needed to branch out. I took one spin class and immediately fell in love with the music and energy. It made me genuinely happy, so I went for it!

Fast forward to Aly Raymer approaching me with the opportunity to join the B/SPOKE team and it’s been the best decision I’ve ever made for my career. Now I’m Full-Time at B/SPOKE, a Lead Instructor, teaching both TRAIN and R/DE.

Best piece of advice you’ve ever received?

The fitness industry in Boston is booming and it’s hard to break into. A mentor of mine told me when I started, “This isn’t about you, it’s about your students. You are here to inspire and help people. Teach the best classes you can every time and people will come back.”

I never forgot that, and it’s exactly what I do.

Is there a fitness class you will never do?

I don’t like to say I’ll never do something. That being said, I did take a class in New York once with suspension bands hanging from the ceiling. I can confidently say I’ll never do that again.

What does the future of fitness look like for you?

I’m excited to watch my personal training program called VBbrides grow. Watch out for all my girls getting married in the next few months. They look incredible and I’m so proud of them.

Other than that, I’m all in on the growth of B/SPOKE. It’s my home and I’m excited to be a part of it.

When you are not teaching, what are you doing?

Teaching and Vbbrides takes up a lot of my time!  Other than that, eating and drinking with the people I love is on the top of my list.

Tell us more about VBbrides!

VBbrides is a 6-8 month training program to get you in the best shape for your wedding day! It includes two private training sessions with me per week (a mix of Barre, Strength and HIIT,) two nutrition sessions with a registered dietician, as well as discounts at B/SPOKE and other studios in the city, so that the brides-to-be can get their required number of cardio sessions in every week.

I think all my clients come out stronger, more confident version of themselves. Weight loss and toning is just the bonus.

What inspired you to start VBbrides?

I was never a huge fan of one-on-one training. It seems to get repetitive and routine when there is no goal in mind. I’m results driven and love a goal to work towards. Every girl wants to feel amazing on their wedding day, inside and out and VBbrides was born to deliver that.

Where can we find you? 

Find me on the B/SPOKE schedule teaching both R/DE and TRAIN at Boston and Wellesley, and guest appearances at the Cape House!

Instagram- Vtoriabfit & Vbbrides


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