In a new series this year from the B/SPOKE Journal, we’ll be highlighting a few of our favorite places and things around the studio. From the best restaurants to some off the grid juice bars, we’ll bring you a few hidden gems so you can try them out for yourself. Downtown is changing so pack a change of clothes, shower up, and start exploring. First up, a restaurant in Chinatown that has us craving kimchi and cocktails. BOOM.

This little restaurant in Chinatown is a staff favorite and not just for the food or cocktails. If B/SPOKE opened up a restaurant, it would probably look and feel a lot like Shojo.   Ahem….giant wall with seasonal graffiti art murals?  Check. TV behind the bar playing old Kung Fu movies?  Check.  Outkast and other 90s Hip Hop on repeat?   Check.   You really can’t beat the vibe at Shojo. Did we mention the food is ON point??

The dim-sum-meets-modern-tapas menu changes often, but it’s always good for sharing. In fact, Shojo has made snacking an art form. From the pork buns to the Tiger-style spare ribs, you can’t go wrong with a few starters for the table.

For larger appetites, the hand-cut fries cooked in duck fat and kimchi fried rice can’t be beat. Pair them with an order of Shojo’s take on chicken and waffles (you know it’s good when they’re on Version 3.0!), or one of the noodle dishes.   And if you really mean business, don’t leave without trying The Shojonator, the house’s take on a tasty gourmet burger.  Don’t make the same mistake as Mark and ask for double patty unless you’re dressed for the meat sweats.

And what’s dinner without a drink? Shojo’s cocktail menu is as much a draw as the food and atmosphere here. We’ll give you props if you can pronounce half of the drinks, but the ingredients are familiar and tasty.

Couple things to know before you go:

  1. Shojo is small, so be prepared to share your personal space with the table next to you.
  2. The restaurant DOES take reservations and we recommend you book in advance, especially on the weekends. This little space fills up fast.
  3. If you’re going to hang around for a while, grab a seat at the bar and snack your way through the night.
  4. Order in waves. The plates come out as they’re ready, and with a small table that can get cramped pretty quickly. Think: two plates per person, and you’ll have plenty to share.

We give Shojo an A+ for its inventive dishes and crafty cocktails. It’s just good food in a cool place with good drinks.  One of our favorite formulas.   Don’t forget to book that bike next morning when you ask for that check.

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