Meet you at the barre. The craze is real and it has taken Boston by storm. With multiple studios popping up in every neighborhood, barre workouts are topping the list as the perfect cross training to your ride. We thought we would ask our resident barre guru for the ins and outs of this muscle toning workout so you know exactly what to expect when you take your first class. From tighter booties to stronger cores, Victoria shares with us all of her top tips for the first time and returning barre go-er.


If you could tell a new student 3 things before they came into the class what would they be?

  1.  The whole class is based on strengthening your core while focusing on isolated movements, posture and flexibility. Your legs will shake, you will be sore.
  2.  Consistency is key; class is always challenging, you just get stronger mentally and physically. 
  3.  Only thing you need to bring are socks and a smile…you got this!


What are your biggest no-no’s for barre students to live by?

The biggest no-no during class would be comparing yourself to others. Its very much your own personal journey, its an amazing feeling when you are able to accomplish something in class that maybe you couldn’t do the day before. Im here to encourage you to give it your all.


How many times a week should we be pulsing at the barre? 

Barre will strengthen and tone your whole body. We target all of the large muscles groups while strengthening all the smaller muscles around them. We stretch each muscle group after it is worked to lengthen it, creating a long, lean, strong body!  Consistency is so key, as it is with any workout. 3-4 times a week will have you feeling amazing. Speaking from personal experience, the magical combination is Barre and Spin… a match made in heaven 🙂


What makes Exhale the best barre studio in your opinion?

The intensity and athletic pace of the class. It’s upbeat and very challenging for everyone who walks in the studio. The training program is unlike any other and it shows in the quality of our instructors.  They have passion and believe in the science behind the movement.  We are trained to improve the quality of each student’s position with hands-on adjustments which make a huge difference and take classes to another level. Class is for all levels and as I always remind my students, “It never gets easy, you just get stronger.


Victoria joined the team with a background in dance and for the last four years as one of Boston’s favorite barre teachers. She leads classes through pulsing and toning at our favorite local studio/spa Exhale which offers their take on barre, core fusion. Catch her in the saddle here or at the barre every day.  And if you’re really looking to step it up we’ve joined forces with The Sweat Concierge for their first annual Sweat Crawl on June 4th. Hit Barry’s, BSPOKE, and Exhale in one weekend for a trifecta workout you’ll want to repeat all summer.



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