If you haven’t noticed, the B/SPOKE team really likes live music. With summer upon us, there truly is no better way to maximize your live music intake than by hitting up a few festivals along the way. If we’ve learned anything, it’s that festivals aren’t for the faint of heart, and that there are plenty of things you can do to maximize your experience.

In preparation for Boston Calling, Governor’s Ball and the dozens of other festivals coming up, we’ve put together an essential guide to help you make the most of an already blissful weekend.

A preparatory playlist
No, we don’t recommend bringing your own music to the festival, but we do recommend doing your research ahead of time. No one knows every artist on a lineup, especially when you move down to the smaller names, but that’s often where the best talent hides. It’s always a bummer to realize you could have seen your now favorite band at a festival you attended a few years prior.

Our advice: drop a bunch of unknown artists’ music into a Spotify playlist, give it a few listens prior to the festival, find new favorites and actually see them live.

We’ve started things off with a cumulative playlist of some of our favorite acts popping up at festivals around the country this year. Listen HERE.

Battery charger
This seems like an obvious one, yet you will always have that one (or two or three) friend whose phone dies. Tracking that person down at the end of the festival can be a nightmare, so avoid the hassle and bring a spare charger. You can grab them on Amazon for under $20, or if you’re camping and removed from electricity altogether, check out these solar powered chargers.

Just promise us you won’t spend the entire festival with your face in your phone.

Pre-planned transportation
Getting in and out of the festival grounds (along with thousands of other fans) is admittedly one of the downfalls. Our best advice is to plan ahead and avoid getting stuck with at 10x surge on Uber or waiting in a 2-hour taxi line. Governor’s Ball in New York has ferries and shuttle buses, along with the city’s public transportation, walking and biking options. To get to Boston Calling, we recommend hopping on the T, or jumping on your bike (just remember to lock up). Heading to a more remote festival? Look into van or limo services. When split between a large group, you can get away with paying far less than you would with on-demand services.

Extra toilet paper
Just trust us on this one. A lot of people go in and out of those port-a-potties.

Comfortable clothes (that make you feel cool)
While music festivals may seem like the Met Gala of flower crowns, neon swim trunks, and lacey rompers; it’s important to remember what you’re there for – music, art, and unforgettable experiences with friends. Don’t worry too much about what you’re wearing, worry that you:

Can walk, sit, and stand comfortably.

Will be cool during the day and warm enough at night.

Don’t have any zippers, buttons, or ties that could cause a potential wardrobe malfunction.

Can dance your butt off.

Along with our advice above, we recommend the Three Ss: sunscreen, sanitizer, and sunglasses (though we figured you’d have those covered). Let us know what festivals you’re planning to check out this summer by tweeting to @BSPOKEstudios.

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