Are you a warrior?


B/SPOKE’S own Katie Barrett is: she’ll be participating in this year’s Spartan Race held at Fenway Park.


The road to Rome is not paved in gold, though; but rather, in hard work, sweat, and some healthy nosh.


Here’s how she does it.


5:55am – My alarm goes off and I lay in bed for another 5 minutes. I can never get out of bed immediately – somehow hitting snooze makes me feel better about being up before the sun. I lay out all of my clothes for class and work the night before so I can just grab my bag and head out the door. I hop on my bike and ride from my apartment in the South End to the studio.


6:30am – Depending on the day, I’m either teaching class or getting my ass kicked by another amazing instructor. I would not define myself as a “morning person,” but getting a good sweat in before I start my day is the absolute best way to wake up. With the Spartan Race on the horizon, I know that the dynamic moves we do in our rides are challenging my core, arms, and legs, preparing me for any one of the obstacles I might encounter.


8:00am – Leave the studio and grab a coffee on the way to my day job. I’m a caffeine fiend and typically get a latte with 4 shots of espresso. I usually make a packet of oatmeal when I get to office and top it with a spoonful of almond or peanut butter. I like to have a mixture of carbs, protein, and healthy fats in the morning to refuel my muscles after the workout and keep me full until lunch. I fill up my 24oz water bottle for the second time. I’ll try to drink 3-4 bottles a day to stay hydrated.


12:00pm – I’m usually starving by noon. Working out in the morning really fires up my metabolism. If I planned ahead, I brought a salad topped with loads of veggies and a couple of hard boiled eggs. If I don’t have groceries at home (more often than not), I head over to Hale & Hearty in Post Office Square for a soup or salad. They have amazing healthy options, and they let you sample as many soups as you want! Yes, I am that person trying 5 different soups with a line of 20 people behind me.




Afternoon – I end up snacking in the afternoon on carrots and hummus or Kind Bars – although we have treats in the office constantly and I often give into my sweet tooth. There is also a Crumbs Bakery next to my building and the Cookie Monster Food Truck parked outside. I treat myself a couple of times a week – I’m human.


6:30pm – Head out of the office and hop on my bike. After a long day at work, the fresh air is super refreshing. As soon as I get home, I change into running clothes and head out for a run with my boyfriend. He’s a great training buddy: we just ran the Chicago marathon and have a lot of races we hope to run in the next year. Depending on the day, we may just do a few easy miles or throw in some speed work throughout the run. It can be tough after a long day to motivate myself to get out there, but once I am, I never regret it.




7:30pm – Before I even shower, I start cooking. I love experimenting in the kitchen and I’m so lucky I grew up in a family with amazing cooks, so I know my way around a stovetop. I make a lot of dishes with chicken and incorporate a few different vegetables. I like to pour myself a glass of red while I cook. We try to keep our carbs to a minimum with dinner, but when I’m training for a race, I need extra to replenish the muscle stores and maintain my energy levels. Sweet potatoes and quinoa are both favorites in our house.


9:00pm – You can find me on the couch working on playlists for the week with the TV on in the background. Spotify is my favorite way to find music, but if I’m looking for some unique remixes, I’ll head over to SoundCloud.


10:30pm – My eyes are usually drooping so I make my way to bed. I scroll through my Instagram feed to wind down from the day. I fall asleep already looking forward to my morning coffee.


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