Water, water everywhere — but which one to drink?


The beverage market has been flooded (pun intended) with specialty waters. Some of these drinks promise nothing more than a fresh, fruity taste and some valuable hydration. Others are bold elixirs fortified with all sorts of vitamins, minerals — and promises. So how do they stack up, and which should you turn to for quenching post-workout thirst? Plain old H20 may always be your best option, but if you’re craving something more creative, here is a guide to some of the most interesting out there.


Amy & Brian Coconut Juice (Coconuts)

Here’s the deal: They may call it juice, but this is coconut water — the now ubiquitous potion that many health nuts swear by. There are plenty of brands out there, some boasting slick celebrity endorsements. But we’re partial to Amy & Brian, recyclable cans of sweet water from pesticide- and preservative-free coconuts. Plus Amy & Brian bills itself as being the first to bring the American market coconut juice made from Thai coconuts, which are sweeter than the more commonly used Brazilian ones.

Here’s what’s inside: Lots of natural, replenishing electrolytes and hydrates, but way fewer calories than those sports drinks packed with artificial sugars. There’s also plenty of potassium, which helps regulate blood pressure. And thanks to lots of cytokinins, plant growth hormones, some even swear by it as a face moisturizer with anti-aging properties. 

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